Sunday, February 6, 2011

nail art

I'm not one of the famous girls in my college days. I can prove it by nobody have been attracted to me when I was there for five and a half years HAHAHA. While my girl classmates got the attention from KPLI trainees, I stucked with these crazy boy classmates Musa, Akmal, Rosli and others. Went to cafeteria together, went to town also together HAHAHA. Yeah maybe because they are loud like me and don't have to behave all the time. Owh not to forget Zashima and Sanimah too. We just don't care about other business as long as we can laugh by our own jokes.

I'm not over friendly too. Unless people make an effort talk to me first then I'll be unstoppable talking machine. That is why I am not one of famous bloggers too HAHAHA. Cuz I prefer writing my own jokes and laugh at it by myself. I blogwalking rarely. Even if I go to others blog, I just read and walk away without leave hello or something. That is why nobody commenting my entries HAHAHA.

So this junior in college, NekoChan, thing I can remember about her is she managed to turn my friend from a simple girl to a very gorgeous girl at our dinner back in 2009. She really did a great job! I have never chitchat with her back in my college days. We were from different batch and no juniors like to talk to seniors like us cuz we are senior citizen HAHAHAHA.

Recently, I started hopping to her blog cuz I just realised she is into gyaru too. Wtf I'm too slow HAHAHA. She loves nail arts and blog about the tutorials. Seriously she born with the talent. Influenced by her, I bought Elianto's and tried to put some arts on my nails but I always failed. So I gave up and bought this sticker nail arts. HAHAHA much easier!

Cute! Okay la. Cheat one. I didn't stick them and out from the house. Only put them for fun. Plus, my nails are short and I don't like them to be long. So my mission completely failed one.

Great now I'm showing them with my just-awake-face HAHAHA.

I still have like four nail art stickers and I don't know when will I have the courage to put them on and go off the house showing everybody hey there are art on my nails please be jealous wtf.


  1. oh mai goshhhh!!!!!! i just realized this post!!!! my oh my im literally blushing rite naooo~~~ dearest vujie, im totally honored for this post~~ and FYI, ur not senior citizen lar~ i just segan2 ba dat... teehee~ loving your bloggie too!~<3

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