Friday, February 4, 2011

things can actually bring happiness. even a lil bit.

When I'm at plantation area, I try hard to find something that can make my life great. My housemate prefer sleeps when it is rain but I will go to other places even if it rains when I'm boring. It doesn't matter if I have to go alone.

And, nothing can beat the happiness where you go shopping and get back home with loads of plastic bags HAHAHA. Okay, usually I don't buy too much things cuz I have this weird ideas of "if I buy all things now, next time I won't have reason to go shop again" wtf. I prefer buying a lil stuff and the next day drive again to get another stuff HAHAHA.

Went to Bintang Mall Plaza in Miri and accidentally went into Watson and found this! There were actually four types of shower cream but each one cost RM19.90 wtf so expensive. I'm just stingy like this. Since it's Hello Kitty, I gave it a try. Bought this one even I don't like the blue ribbon on her head but this one smells nice than others. And, I haven't use it cuz so 'sayang' HAHAHA.

My friend laughed at me when she saw me holding this princess mirror. Yeah I know I act kiddos. But how to 'tahan' myself for cute things like this? I hang it in my room so every morning when I want to put tons of make up on face to go to work, I'll feel happy surrounded by cute things :D Wtf why can't you leave me alone? I want to feel like princess also cannot. Unfair la you all HAHAHAHA.

This one is... erk... errr..... HAHAHAHAHA. I don't know what was on my mind. I made a wishlists. Well this is uncommon. I didn't do wishlist cuz I just go with what I'm capable with. Like I know I'm not that brilliant so I didn't aim for 4.0 when I was in college. Actually I didn't put any aim. I'll take everything I got from the effort I made no matter it came from a hard work or from laziness. Leave alone my grammatical error I made in it!

I told my boyfriend about my 6th wishlist, pink compact camera and he said, "heh you've been saying this for two years but never bought any." HAHAHAHA see? My boyfriend also didn't trust me.

Okay, I arrogantly didn't put 'Getting Married' as one of my wishlist for this year wtf.

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