Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday Vujie

So Happy Birthday to Me!
*loser* Nobody wish me that's why I have to wish myself wtf.

Okay. I can count by my fingers those who gave me birthday wishes. See I told you I'm not one of those popular girls who'll get thousand wishes on their birthday T__T.

Nevermind. As long as my boyfriend never forget my birth date. If he does, he'll die in 2 hours wtf. So he did surprise. Bought birthday cake. We were in a supermarket, he said he wanted to go upstairs (or he said to go to toilet I didn't listen carefully) and I said okay. I was waiting for him but he didn't show up so I waited in front of the car. He came and brought this.

HAHAHA wtf this is obviously not my cake! I stole this pic from google. Thank you google finally I can be perasan for a while, having a cake like this.

I left usb cable in Miri so I can't transfer any pic from my phone. All cake pics, birthday girl pics and so on store in my phone. You can find my birthday present on the left side in Candy. My RM20 birthday present wtf.

Here's your not-so-happy birthday girl. Excuse my pimple.

This one with happy birthday frame. But still, not-so-happy one (because I have to go back Miri at 4 pm today T___T ).

My boyfriend forced me to blow birthday candles just now. He is the one who extra excited, not me! He's been asking me to do that since last night but I refused and give excuses like, "I'm not a kid lah!" Plus, last night was still 21st Feb. My birthday is 22nd Feb. I know he's the one who want to eat the cake actually not me wtf.

Please peeps, pretend like today is not my birthday okay so I can be young at the age forever wtf.

Fine lah fine! I'm officially 25 today. Happy Birthday to Myself.

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