Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hello kitty madness

Please don't tell the doctors I am actually free from any sickness (didn't count my flu-that-getting-better). But I had to lie that I had diarrhea for the sake of medical leaves. I told the doctor I've been bestfriend with the toilet and I missed my flight back to Miri and bravely asked for three days straight medical leaves HAHAHA wtf this time I have the gut. Okay, the first doctor said he can only give two days mc and asked me to go to another doctor. So the day after, I went to second doctor and gave the same reason wtf. I successfully got three days mc!

Well actually my school asked for Chinese New Year leaves from the PPD but they didn't allow. I don't know why. Most of my colleagues already bought flight ticket and they decided not to show up on Monday till Wednesday. I don't want to be the only 'skema' person so I bravely escaped too HAHAHA. That's why I have to get mc even if I lied to doctors. Plus, the workshop promised me I can get my car before CNY but they can't make it. Seriously it a waste for me drove 8 hours straight from Miri to Kota Kinabalu fml but nothing good I gained.

So I went to KK cuz KK won't be great if I didn't show up my face there HAHAHA WTF. Actually my life won't be great if I didn't go to KK fml. Lisa Dearlova asked me to help her buy Dolly Wink lashes so I went straight to Suria cuz I thought much easier to find car park. I was wrong. Even I arrived early car park also hard to find.

I don't know maybe that day was my unlucky day or what. Hard to find car park, then I marched like 7 times in front of Liquid and I saw the girls were busy cleaning products with the door half opened and at last they closed the shop just like that. Wtf? I waited like one hour and they closed? I almost knock the door and ask, "You didn't open today ah? Can I just go inside and buy something?" So unlucky. Okay, maybe they were rush to get back home for CNY. Nevermind. So I ran to Wisma Merdeka and luckily Liquid there were open.

But I can't deny maybe it was lucky day too for me. I've never stepped into this shop called 100Yen in Suria. Just because I-don't-know-where-to-go-while-waiting, so I went inside and went crazy. I hope people in there won't realised how my face automatically turned bright because of Hello Kitty stuff! I thought I grew up already but I realise I haven't enough. Wtf I shouldn't tell you all this cuz this is a secret so you won't go and buy all Hello Kitty junks there.

This is why I always pour loves for KK! Hard to find things like this in Miri (or maybe I'm the one who don't know where to find them), or even if I found they will be crazily expensive. Wtf why you people so irrational? Not all people in Miri are rich like you!

As a gift for CNY, here's your beloved Vujie's vain pictures collection wtf. You can delete it if you don't like.


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