Saturday, May 28, 2011

Teeth Whitening

I was thinking about another product review (since my recent hobby is spending money on make up wtf) but hold first. Wait till I reach home and get tip top internet connection pfftt what a lame excuse I give this excuse every time I am lazy of posting new entry HAHAHA.

Actually I spent a lot money this month fml. That's why people tell you not to apply plastic card. But then, I think it's worth the money because it is more to investment. I went to dentist for teeth whitening. My first experience of teeth whitening is when I was 17 years old. HAHAHA it was 8 years ago!

When I was a child, I only brushed my teeth in the morning. I skipped the night part because I was lazy. Plus, I drank coke and coffee a lot. So I guess that's the reason why I have this yellow-ish teeth since my young age. Pfffttt my mother should be more strict to me in this case.

So at the age of 17, my teeth is in good condition. I mean the color. But then I keep drinking coke and coffee, and teeth whitening wouldn't last till you die wtf, so the yellow-ish come back. But I am too poor to spend my own money and do teeth whitening. So I played some trick to cover my yellow-ish teeth like cover my teeth with hands while laughing wtf.

And now I think I can afford teeth whitening because I get my salary on time every month HAHAHA, so I did it last Thursday. If you live in Miri and want to do teeth whitening like me fml, I suggest you make an appointment with Bright Smile (a block next to Bintang Mall) because they offer affordable price. Other dentist will charge more than 1k but not Bright Smile. The doctor is also friendly, makes you feel comfortable. If you want to try other dentist and they offer cheap price, make sure you ask either it is for both upper and bottom teeth or not.

The process took about 45 minutes. 3 sections for whitening. Doctor put some gel (I don't know what is that) to protect my gum. Then he put blue gel (I think that is the teeth whitener) on teeth and let the laser machine did it job for about 10 minutes for each sections. If you can't take pain, it might hurt a bit. As for me, it is not a very big problem. I can handle it.

Now my teeth is lighter than before. Not really white like toothpaste wtf but better. And the doctor also removed stains on my front tooth. I am sorry no pictures because I haven't take any latest picture after the procedure.

We can actually do-it-ourself at home. Only buy the whitening kit and it costs cheaper than the laser technique. But the result will take time.

Now, I can skip the teeth-whitening-photoshop part! HAHAHA.


  1. Hi was looking for dentist at miri at found your blog. :D

    How much it really cost ? Did he mentioned how long it will stay white? Thinking of getting it done.

    Thanks :D

    1. I think it was around RM800. I don't really remember but I'm sure he did mention if I don't put much effort on maintaining it, I have to come yearly for whitening. He also advised to use WhiteGlo toothpaste because it is good. Can buy at Watson.

    2. Wow that is kinda pricy for me , but no choice if you want to have white teeth and improve your smile . This dentist blog been give me alot of information about teeth whitening , you can check it out too

    3. Wow ,thats really expensive . I hope i could afford it or maybe I can just try with other product .

      teeth whitening kuala lumpur

  2. Hai. Bright smile building is it near the bintang megamall parkson? Thanks in advance :)