Thursday, May 19, 2011

Candy Doll Alternative

Candy Doll is Japan products (in case you don't know LOL). When I say Japan, so we should know it'll be a little bit pricey when it comes to us. Especially when your country is far away from Japan in the world map wtf. And if you just poor like me, you'll freak out once you found out the price HAHAHA. Okay I am joking.

I knew about Candy Doll long time ago. Since I started put interest on Japan make up. Okay obviously after I started reading Popteen. Popteen is poisonous. All the models look really kawaii that make you want to be like them. Which lead you to use the same products as they use fml.

But... tried Candy Doll by myself, I found some alternatives you can use to get the inspired effects of Candy Doll. Especially if you are Malaysian, you can get the alternative products in affordable price.

First, I'll review on Candy Doll Cheek Color Peach Pink.
I suggest the alternative for Candy Doll Peach Pink is this IN2IT blush set in 01 Lovebird. It is actually has 3 colors. Bought this IN2IT blush set for about RM20 plus, I can't remember. Candy Doll costs me RM55 plus T_________T

The brightest pink is almost similar with Candy Doll Peach Pink. Okay maybe my eyes are playing trick on me wtf but seriously the colors are almost the same.

Not big difference right?

I used Candy Doll in the picture above. If you read my older entries and happen to find my pictures in it, which you think I put the almost similar color on my cheek, that must be my IN2IT blusher.

Second review is Candy Doll Lip Concealer. Okay this one is much simpler. Just dab a little bit of your usual concealer on your lips.

As for me, I am using Silky Girl Stick Concealer in 02 Medium as my daily concealer. So before this, I did dab a little bit of it on my lips too to make my lipstick color much obvious and nicer. SilkyGirl Concealer is just about RM19 or RM13 plus I can't remember. Candy Doll Lip Concealer costs RM55 plus T_______T.

HAHAHA I put noise on my face skin just because I don't want you all know how horrible my skin is in close up photo. But my lips are free from noise effect okay.

So I put Candy Doll Lip Concealer on the left and Silky Girl Concealer on right. Can you see any differences?

Actually Candy Doll Lip Concealer is a bit glossy. I think that's why Tsubasa Masuwaka suggests us to wipe a bit using tissue after put it on HAHAHA. Silky Girl Concealer is just matte.

But still, both of them can give you the same effect when you put on your lipstick. I used Revlon Colorburst 070 Soft Nude and Majolica Majorca PK211 Lip Gloss on my lips.

Okay that's all I think. I am really sorry if my explanation sucks. I am no good in explaining HAHA.


  1. OMG!! Thank you for posting this. I thought of getting the candy doll make up too but then it was far too expensive for me. :D

  2. bella luna;

    most welcome.
    Good luck trying! XD

  3. You have just save my purse! I was gonna go get the lip concealer @@ THANK YOU!!!