Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Candy Doll. Not yet a review.

I wish I had awesome internet connection now so I can update my blog properly. Cuz I had too many things to share. They are all about face products btw. Because sharing about my lame life is pathetic wtf.

I'm thinking about coming out with some reviews but I'm not really good in explanation. Well you don't want me to do copy paste from their official web, don't you? Wtf. Yes, of course I'm gonna share with you all my experience using those make up products I bought recently. Especially those awesome Candy Doll.

And... Here's offer for you. If you think Candy Doll line is very expensive (or if you are stingy like me wtf), I do have another alternative for you. But that's still a secret till I get awesome internet :)

Till then, wait for it ! Bye :D

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