Monday, May 16, 2011

Teacher's Day

So we had so much fun today. Teacher's Day this year is much more fun than last year. This year we held outdoor games for teachers and students. It was hilarious seeing senior teachers running and skipping and playing those silly games with students. I felt better in situation like that. It was different from our usual days which are boring HAHAHA.

I was trying to upload pictures but I think can't accept the cuteness in all the pictures wtf. Okay I'm just joking. I am now using my bb as modem and the internet connection is really slow like snail. Upload pictures might take zillion years. Plus, I am trying to update my antivirus now which is restarted about five times already wtf. When it reached 40% updated then it'll automatically restarted back to 1%. I feel like cursing you antivirus!

Back to the Teacher's Day. I played so called bowling and I scored higher score wtf I don't know that I have this hidden talent in me. No lah. My score was actually 8 pins, where others only scored 3 and 4 HAHAHA you guys need to practice more. And I ran away when they said the next game is finding candy in flour. HAHAHA I don't want to wash my hair everyday I am so lazy please be informed.

My students are all very cute. They made handmade cards for us. I don't know but their small gifts really means a lot T__T. I don't wish to receive expensive gifts from them. All I want is just their appreciation. Those students who I yelled a lot just because they forgot to bring their textbook, still gave me cute cards. Even they just wrote "Happy Teacher's Day. Thank you for teaching me." already made me feel like crying. Damn emo one.

Haih. This post is really boring without any pictures.

Then came the karaoke. HAHAHA people around must be annoyed by our voices especially me. Wtf my voice is like Rebecca Black still want to sing high notes HAHAHA.

Okay gotta go. I am sleepy.

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