Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yuria Kushido

I acknowledge her from SCawaii magazine if I'm not mistaken. My first thought was what is this girl exact height. Because she looked so small in the picture. Or maybe the other male models are too tall for her wtf. I'm unable to deny her cuteness. She has a unique looks. She look very skinny too. My friends always complain on me being too skinny but actually it is obvious in my photos that I have fats on my thigh. That makes me wonder how skinny is this Yuria Kushido. Look at her very very very skinny legs! Oh-I-am-jelly.

I don't like super short bang. It looks weird. But why this world is unfair? Why short bang suits Yuria very well??

She looks like she does go to club very often. Well, girls can always have fun right?

That hair caught my attention. How come she can get that healthy shiny hair with perfect volume? She probably done uncountable charity works in her previous life wtf.

Yuria Kushido has a good sense of fashion. She is the producer of GYDA too if I'm not mistaken. Her tips are always revealing a little bit of skin so that gives sexiness. She usually wears super short pants to show her skinny legs and that gives us a picture of long legs. Well I think short girls must try that tips to stand out in crowd.

I love how gorgeous girls make the ugliest pose but still look fabulous. Japanese models always do that. They are very brave to reveal their bare face because they have confidence on them. I've never seen Malaysian models like that in magazine. Models here would never ever show their bare face wtf.

How many of you love Yuria Kushido like I do?


  1. i'm love yuria kushido,but there so many interesting model in scawaii..just love their all...i'm a fan of scawaii magazine 2..but this february issue of scawaii will not have.-_-

  2. Dear Sunmi Unnie@Patsy;

    Easily fall in love with them right? Me too!! Haha.
    Not have? Eik why?
    Your nick is Sunmi. Are you a fan of Sunmi from Wonder Girls?

    1. yup,them were so awesome and brave girl to try new can check their fan page on facebook,then you will know..i'm start to like that name when,i see korean drama on kbs channel,that girl got long name on her drama but i'm only take sunmi..hehe..but i'm still like sunmi from wonder girls..but too bad she not in the group anymore..dont know why she out from the group.

  3. I love Yuria, every hairstyles suits her so jelly, vkancdafn&#@$%^431$ lol :D btw I added your blog to my fav blogs list, i hope you don't mind :D

  4. Dear Maii;

    I've added yours too !! <3 <3 <3