Wednesday, December 28, 2011

#random thoughts

I'm going back to Miri (again T_T) tomorrow. School starts next week. I'm not very happy about that 'going back' -.- There's nothing I can do except going back, because that's the only source I'm able to afford my lifestyle wtf. This time it's gonna be challenging for me. I decided not to live in plantation anymore. So I'm gonna rent a house. To rent a house means I need to challenge myself wake up at 5 am, get ready, drive to school about an hour pfffttt. I'm not hundred percent sure if I can do this but I will give it a try *determine.

It's gonna be tough at first because I have to spend a lot on gas and waste more energy waking up early morning but every happiness needs sacrifice right? I want to try live alone and independently. Since I'm the one who want this badly, so I should do all the sacrifices.

I can choose to stay in my last couple years comfortable zone, wake up at 7, walk to school only 5 minutes, free foods often supplied by neighbours, etc, but I don't think I get all the freedom I want. I think I'm meant to live in urban area HAHAHAHA wtf very vain.

So, to make me more vain, here I provide you girls (and guys) my selca pictures I took few weeks ago.

I really love this curl styles now. Simple and easy. I have confidence on my bare face but not on my original hair. My original is real messy and super damage. I can say I can't live without hair straightener and hair curler wtf.

I think I have moustache here HAHAHA.

No PS at all (except brightness). Excuse my weird face shape T____T

I'm wearing Dolly Wink lashes no.2 and bottom lashes Dolly Wink no.8

This picture my bf despise the most HAHAHAHA. He said I look weird in that pose and asked me not to do that anymore HAHAHA. He was actually forcing me not to upload this picture *stubborn.


I have this parcel I want to blog but I don't know when, since I don't have proper internet at Miri,

but I'll give a hint :p


My Jeremy Scott pink Bear shoes <3 <3 <3
Love it to the max!


  1. I know exactly what you mean...I really don't want to go back to my job but I need money haha! Being independent is great, so I think you should definitely do it!!

  2. Stay strong and don't let school bring you down!

    Ahh you look so lovely always ♥

  3. Chococcuro;

    Ahhh I love your comment!! XD