Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New house, new lifestyle.

Just so you know, I moved to a new house already *happy*. The house owner managed to let me moved in mid of February, as she promised. So far, I'm satisfied with this house. Abit quite at night because currently not too many residents in this area. This house is a new block.

That was how empty the house. Since it is just a small house, so I did all the cleaning only half day.
And I really can't helped myself from buying furniture on the day I moved in HAHAHA. Not even started cleaning, I rushed to furniture shop and bought cheap single bed, cheap rack, cheap desk and most important thing was a full-body mirror so I can enhance my vanity wtf. Well okay, I didn't bought too many furniture laa of course. Basic things only. Considering when I get the chance to transfer back to my hometown, it'll be a big matter to bring them all together.

Stupid cheap wallpapers are coming off. I don't bother to redo them again. They'll naturally falling on the floor wtf.

I tried to avoid cute theme and was going for modern and mature. Then I noticed that I'm still can't get away from cuteness wtf.

Stuff that I haven't arrange properly to the right places.

Now I can display my blythes, Bunga and Yna, without worrying dust will be all over them again.

Favorite heels and favorite shoes.

Duhhh bags. I should let go some of them. These are actually some that left with me. I don't know where did I put others T_T.

This is what I actually love. Just because I don't have drill, so it just stay still there.

I'm living a life I really want right now. Sadly I have to wake up around 5 am to get ready and start driving to school. Until now, it doesn't matter because I actually enjoy the morning drive as I can see fresh scenery and drive #likeaboss because there are not too many cars on the road. The most part that makes me super happy is better internet connection yeayy!! I can sit still in front of laptop surfing internet from afternoon till sleep time HAHAHA.

Hello previous hair! FYI, I recolored my hair yesterday with ash blond. And right now, I pray hard that bosses won't come down to school, or else I'm in big trouble HAHAHA.


  1. really cute bedroom,love your stuff.

  2. Dear Sunmi Unnie@Patsy;

    Tq darl :D
    I kept buying stuff then realised that I had too many not-really-useful stuff lol

  3. wow! your new crib is so neat and stylish!! me loving it~~^_^~ and the last pic, gorgeous! =)

  4. Dear Janet;

    Thanx darl! Ur comment made me missed my previous hair haha.