Thursday, February 16, 2012


Just a short post. There are many things in my mind that I didn't properly arrange. The things are actually list of things I want to buy. Why do I have this feeling when I'm actually broke wtf?

I found this picture on a-web-I-failed-to-recall and think the girl wear a gorgeous dress. I think I've seen this before but as a forgetful person, once again I can't recall wtf. Anybody know where can I get dress like that?

I also want to buy this kind of mannequin. I searched a lot but all I found was just the lame plastic mannequin. Once again, anybody happen to know where to buy this?

Besides the intention of spending money, these days I got the ideas of making money too. When I was in high school, I've been known as one of creative person among my friends. If others get 100% marks for creativity, I can reach 80% wtf. As I grew up, I lost my mojo. The creativity keep disappearing. Right now I think I only have 50% of creativity T______T I love making things like handmade cards with various designs. So I'm thinking to make use of my passion. Like start selling wedding card designs? Or selling tops with cute prints on it?

Well, you know now I'm always like this. A daydreamer wtf.

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