Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hello 26!

As in my previous entry, I made it obvious that I'm turning a year older so that I would get million birthday wishes wtf. All I can say, it's not even close to million wtf but at least, God still allows some people in this earth remember and wish me happy birthday wishes. THANK YOU ALL!!!!

It's a birthday. What do you expect? Well, of course birthday cake plus birthday party. Reality check, I didn't do anything HAHAHA become older not excited anymore with birth date. Not even try to buy a cake and celebrate it by myself #foreveralone. On that day, I went work as usual. Last year, I took a day off on my birthday. This year, I'm saving them for traveling purpose *ehem* The only effort I did to make my day looks special was wearing my most favorite color.

At work, I was like this............
Bored face.

I've been complaining on how #foreveralone I am these days because nobody seems to remember me and I always alone and alone and alone. No friends to hang out together and bf is far away too so a date whenever I want is almost impossible. But on my birthday, I still got wishes from bestfriends and virtual friends XD Let's count them.

*WARNING! Photospam!!*

Blogger friends.


Childhood friends.

Aunt and brother.

Aunt again.

Teacher friend.


Hot mum friend.

Easy-going junior at college friend.

Hot and super kind mom friend.

Twitter spammer friend HAHAHA

Twitter spammer friend also HAHAHA. even sang birthday song for me. Well, in email of course wtf

Virtual Tourist with beautiful poem (is it?). Eventhough its obviously auto-generate, I'm still thankful.

My bestfriend in college. She just delivered a baby girl on 21st Feb. A day before mine.

Lovely BFF

Lovely BFF

Lovely BFF

Digi. I'm their loyal customer since decades ago.

So I got approx. 24 wishes this year. Aren't this good signs? At least, #foreveralone term was not available on my birthday HAHAHA. People still wished me beautiful things. And thanks to my thick-skinned effort on announcing my birthday in facebook and twitter wtf.

My 26th birthday wishes ;

1) Live healthy and happily.
2) Earn more money.
3) Spend wisely.
4) Safety when I go travel.
5) Avoid laziness. Be more hardworking putting anti-aging creams!
6) Marriage is out of topic this year HAHAHAHA.

See you again on my next year birthday!!


  1. I add 2 more wishes so it can be 26 wishes,

    happy birthday vujie! in japanese

    happy birthday vujie! in korean
    행복한 생일 vujie!

    Used google translate to translate the words, HAHAHAHA I hope it's right... xD May all your wish come true ! <3

  2. Dear Maii;

    Aww you are very lovely!! tQ <3 <3 <3