Friday, February 10, 2012


Starting this with pics first.

This is how my hair look like whenever I'm too lazy to style it. My hair is thick so it takes lot of time to curl them T__T
Close up on my make up, which is actually always the same HAHAHAHA I don't know how to put make up like pro. Whenever I try do it like what I see in the magazine, it'll turns out weird wtf.
I'm planning to go somewhere this coming school break. Bought return tickets from Miri to Kuala Lumpur already but don't want to spend the holiday there. As for me, KL didn't really attracts me that much. I prefer going out of the country. Bangkok is my first choice for now. Plus,they say Bangkok is a heaven for shopper!!

The problem is, I asked my bf to go with me but he can't decide yet. His brother is getting married around those dates too. This is one of the dark side being a teacher. None of my bestfriends are teacher like me, they prefer going on vacation not on school break as the airline tickets are waaayyyy cheaper T__T So if bf can't go with me, I might go travelling alone, which I think is more challenging but less fun -.-"

These days I spent a lot of my time google-ing about Bangkok. Where to stay (nearest to Pratunam and cheaper as I plan not to waste money on luxury hotel but spend more on shopping), where to shop, what's best there etc etc etc. And I'll continue google-ing until I satisfied wtf

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