Saturday, December 17, 2011

Colorful Hair

This year has been a year where I abuse my hair often. Changed color more than 4 times I think pfftt. But I did treatments okay. So I guess my relationship with my own hair is still good wtf. I first colored my hair right after I'm done with my school at 18. Was afraid that my mum will be crazy because I color it so I used dark brown color and only colored my bang wtf. Fuh what a memories.

I found these pictures (thanx to Google and tumblr) really attractive and gorgeous of course! Who doesn't like colorful thing? Okay if you don't then you are super lame HAHA I'm kidding. Some people might like one color only for the rest of their life. Me is not. Since kindergarten, 30% of my mum's salary had been wasted for buying color pencils and crayons for me HAHAHA.

I think this is really Juicy Couture color. Brown is one of pink bestfriends in my opinion. They match well. By looking at this, I'm sure she's wearing a wig. Not her real hair. *rush to taobao to find this pink brown wig*

Two tones color like this really attractive right? Then style your hair fabulously I'm sure you'll get compliments all the day.

Green is also pink bestfriends. And this one is real. Its her real hair. Gahhh I wish I'm brave like that. I also want colorful hair! But can't. Or else I'll be fired from my current job wtf. Sorry I can't track back the photo source T________T

For now I want a hair color like pic above but I don't know the real color code. I used to just show picture to stylist and they do their work. Usually it didn't turn out well T__T

Recently I went to salon and actually wanted to color my roots. But the stylist said it would be hard because I got highlight. I asked for them just color it use base color also they said the color would be different and not nice pfftt. I want to save money but they keep wanting my money wtf. At last I said, "okay lah I change color lah much easy." I asked her I've read about ash color and what the exact color is ash color. She then pointed to this grey with a lil bit of green tone. And I decided to give it a try. So that's my current hair color.

Actually it's real nice under the sun. I kept saying I don't want a real dark color and she insisted that the dark would be temporary only. After wash about three times it'll become light and lighter again. And she is right!! My hair now become lighter after a few washes.

But still, I miss my light brown with blonde highlight hair T___T If only I'm not a government slave..........................................................................

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  1. Love your two-toned coloured hair! If you find that pink/brown wig on taobao.. LINK ME. If only those colours were easy to keep.. not easy to maintain with black hair T.T

  2. Jen;

    I don't have two-toned coloured hair anymore T____T
    Up until now, I still can't find it but no worries, once I found it, for sure I'll blog about it :D

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  4. Hihitasi;

    yeah I heard it's hard to recolor red hair :(
    Thx btw! XD

  5. I 've just found pink brown wig in Taobao. This is link >>

  6. The wigs you posted are from the korean brand Gabalmania, you will only find bad copies on taobao.