Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Princess Mimi review (proper one)

I made a review about this here but that can't count as proper review because I only use my blythes as model wtf. So actually everytime I wear them to work, I snapped pictures of them for proper review purpose. But then all of them spoiled by my oily face. I don't work in air-conditioned room so yeah, oily face is my everyday look wtf.

*excuse my weird lower lashes*

1) Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown

2) Princess Mimi Apple Green

3) Princess Mimi Sesame Grey

Overall I think they were meant for full make up face. I tried wear them with bare face and I admit that gave me weird look. If you want a natural look, these lenses are the best. The design is suitable for natural look. And they are best for photoshoot.

Usually I can wear lens about 9 hours without help from Rohto-C but I can only wear this series about 5 hours. After that it'll dry and cause blur vision. How to drive a car when you have blur vision? Pffttt. I don't know others but that happened to me. So I avoid wearing them if I have to go outside for more than 5 hours at least. Or else, I'll bring the case because I'm sure I'll have to remove them not long after.

About enlargement effect, I think they doesn't give me enlargement effect that I really want. They can only give me natural effect and super nice color effect. If you want to look nice, when using them, try put Tsubasa's make up style then they can flatter your look.

So, do you think they suit me?


  1. These look so cute on you! these are my favourite series of circle lenses ^^ but I agree they look better with full makeup. Have you tried Almond brown? It's my favourite of the four!

  2. i love the grey ones on you! they really suit you :)

  3. lovely review. I think they're pretty good :D They look gorgeous on you! I only have the almond ones (unopened) so i cant really judge. i kinda agree tho it suits a fuller face of make up rather than less (my friend wore it and it was kinda freaky) They look great on you in your above pics tho :D

  4. Chococcuro;

    Tq dear.. Almond brown? I think I should get one to see if it works nicely on me :D

  5. Oreo;

    Tq dear.. My friend thought the grey is blue. I think he's color blind haha.

  6. Jen;

    Tq dear Jen.. Chococcuro said that almond is the best. I think I should get one XD

  7. you look so pretty on them....the lens look so natural on you...But too bad it causes you dryness and blurred vision..But I guess most of the cosmetic lens are like that...that is why eyedrops was invented..lolz..Anyway, the lens suits you really really well!! very pretty!!..Thanks for sharing such a nice review..;)

  8. Janet;

    Tq dear.. Actually eyedrops doesn't help much when I use them.. Different when I use other series T_T But I still love wearing them for taking pictures purpose :D

  9. I think they suits you nicely ! I still prefer almond brown cuz more natural ! haha. Oh about the lashes, try not to put it too lower, must higher than your eyebags. try to put on when you smiling :)

  10. Maii;

    Actually I did that on purpose. I wanted to make it look more dramatic but then looked weird in the end HAHAHA. Thx btw for the tips, lashes sifu! XD

  11. no i'm not xD btw, already update my blog about sabah trip !

  12. Princess mimi lens are sooo cute on you! I love these lens sooo much!


  13. Maii;

    Really?? Aww~~~ *rush to your blog*