Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Journey to Serikin, Kuching.

Before heading back to my hometown in Sabah, I took my big family to Kuching, Sarawak. Our first plan was convoy use 2 cars. Then my bf can't make it because of work so we just used a car. My reason was it's easier if we get lost while finding the right direction. Actually the real reason was I'm too lazy to drive HAHAHA. It's 12 hours drive okay!

My colleagues keep telling me how wonderful Serikin is. They said Serikin is a heaven for shopaholic. My previous visit to Kuching, I wasn't able to go to Serikin. So I told my family let's go to Serikin before school break and buy all cheap stuff there. Plus, it's been a long time we didn't go travel. By the time they said yes, I knew I'll be their ATM machine wtf.

We started our journey a bit late around 10 am. I was being considerate not to wake them up early morning like 5 am because they must be tired sat in the car all day from KK to Miri a day before. On the first day, we were doing good.

Oh before that. I apologise for giving you all my bare face and messy hair T________T

Took a rest for a while. There is a temple on the way to Sibu. It looks very interesting that we couldn't resist not to take pictures HAHA.

I said I'll upload this picture in facebook and write the caption as "Sweet memories in Shanghai" just to get the oversea mood wtf.

What's there in your tummy?

Wukong, our eyes are not in the same direction wtf. What are you looking down there while I'm looking up in the sky?

I was born in tiger year (chinese calendar)

That's my cousin, Alisa Annisa. People keep saying that she really look like me when I was a lil girl. So you know now, how your face will turn out when you reach 25 years old? You better take deep care of it from now on wtf.

We couldn't reach Kuching in a day (everybody was exhausted) so we decided to stay a night at Sri Aman. We stayed at Hoover Hotel. It looks like unglam hotel but actually the price is quite high. But it's worth the money if you are travelling with lots adults because the room is really really spacious.

The next day we left hotel early like 7 am and went straight to Serikin. It's easy to find the route. From Serian just follow the signboard to Kuching and find the route to Batu Kawa - Bau - Serikin. Buy the Kuching maps. It'll helps a lot. We never lost even once although we totally depend on the maps.

Reached Serikin at 2 pm and it was gloomy that day. But it was still hot pfftt. Now imagine if you are going at 12 pm wtf.

Serikin supposed to be a crowded place because local and tourists love going there to get cheap stuff from Indonesia. When we were there, it was not crowded at all. Maybe because we went there at 19th Nov, not payday yet wtf.

The dark side was it's hard to get super cheap price. The more people come, much cheaper you'll get. Less people come, less discount you'll get wtf. I thought when they say real cheap, the stuff will be cheap as RM10 but no. So that's a bit disappointing.

Ready made curtain.

Home decorations.

I think this is cow skin.

Wall decorations.

Cheap glamorous kebaya. Okay this one I can say cheap, if only you are brilliant in arguing the price with sellers wtf. Local boutiques will sell this hundred ringgit. You can get them here cheaper than that. I bought one too XD

If you are thinking what are all these, they are actually clay HAHAHA. Seems delicious right? They are samples for what this man is selling.

Yes, because this man is actually runs his business selling a tool to make fancy biscuits. He is original Indonesian based on the way he talks. Or if he Malaysian, he must be watched too much Indonesia sinetron that he can speak well wtf.

And our second day ended just like that HAHAHA only Serikin but we were really exhausted already. We don't bother to visit museums and all since our mission was just Serikin wtf. Before we went home on our third day, I brought them sightseeing along Waterfront Kuching.

Nice sign. Avoid alcohol and drug. Don't waste your youth.

A must take picture to show people "Hey we reached Kuching already" wtf. My mum, brother, aunts, cousins, all in one picture.

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