Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hobbycon 2011

I was fighting with myself just now because I couldn't decide which one to blog first wtf. Then I looked at my outfits in every pictures (that I want to upload), seems like I wore the same top in all pictures HAHAHA. So please, bear with it. It's not like I don't have other tops but there's always one top I love max that I couldn't resist not to wear pfftt.

So, last week Hobbycon was held at Suria Kota Kinabalu. Instead of just lazy-ing at home, I decided to go. Just because I was too lazy to drive, so I dragged my brother HAHA. And dragged my bff too ^^

My brother took this pic. I was actually showing off my gorgeous fashion ring. Bought at shibudoru109.

And Hello Kitty spec too. Cute right?

My bff had to go to driving class first so we reached Suria a bit late. We were lucky because the moment we arrived, the cosplay competition just started. And we were actually really really hungry but I forced them to suffer from hunger first just because I don't want to miss the cosplay event HAHAHA.

I'm not really an anime fan, so don't ask me what character they were cosplay-ing HAHA.

My bff and me like this girl the most! I don't know she cosplay-ing for the competition or not but she's very attractive. She's like very very tall and thin. I'm jealous of her tiny waist. And she can do the wink perfectly too!! I can't T________T

These two girls are really cute. Feel like I know the girl in green wig but can't recall where did I met her before. Or maybe, dejavu wtf.

She's so awesome that she can pull her character perfectly all the time. We kept saying why is she didn't smile at all but maybe that's her character. Fierce look.

Is this one of anime? I don't know.

Is this CatWoman?

I had to edit all pictures because my brother is very untalented person he can't take pictures perfectly wtf.

See? He suppose to take pictures like from head to toe then we can see the whole costume. But he took from knee to ceiling wtf. And that man at the back, he appeared in the pictures with the same pose HAHAHA.

This is MaguChan. She's so cute and my bff admit it too. I disturbed her doing her shibudoru109 business just to take picture with her HAHA. She greeted me with smiles and asked me to wait a bit because she had customers on that time. I was actually shy to ask for a picture XD I was surprise to see we are in a same height. I thought she's taller than me based on her pictures in her blog. And that's my hungry smile wtf. Do you notice we both wore WC? Hehehe.

And this nail expert is Nekochan. I was surprise to see her there. What a small world. Nekochan, my friend adores your fashion styles! XD

Okay this one taken after we had our lunch. That explains why my smile improved to a better smile wtf. I love her pink wig! Should I get one?

I don't take many pictures because my friend and I went shopping after took a few pictures. She said that's enough already to put in blog. No need to take pictures for every characters wtf.

Me still showing off my gorgeous ring wtf.

Yes, I wish people to be generous to each other. That brings us peace no war.

Dear lottery, please let my mum win so I can have fun in taobao. No lar. My mum does not buy lottery. How to win when she's not buying wtf?

Can't decide what post will come after this. Review post or travel post? Hmmmm...


  1. OMG MAGU CHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!! *_* Wanna meet her so badly xD Lucky you ! Can't wait for my trip to Sabah ! :D Btw, both of you look great in WC clothes ~

  2. Maii;

    Too bad I don't have time to talk with her. I was in hurry. Plus, she must be busy too that day.

  3. haha... i was surprised to see you too at HC2011 too! n bout the blonde cosplayer with cute wink, its a guy..teehee~

  4. Nekochan;

    Really??? My friend said the same thing. She kept saying 'she' is a guy but I'm afraid of accusing HAHAHA.

  5. <3<3<3 I love your piccies~~~ XDD
    i tot u you were taller too omaigosh so surprise that we are the same height. hehe~twins!! so happy to meet you there^^

  6. Maguro;

    Hiiiii you come to my blog!! teeheehee~ XD
    HAHA pics can really tell lies abt our height.

  7. I really enjoyed my visit to KK during that weekend. Hoping to come back more often in 2012. Cheers! (^_^)\m/

  8. erm...
    btw the tall girl with the yellow wig...it's actually a "he"...

    crossplayer from Kuching that is ._.

  9. Bian446;

    I really thought he is a girl at first.. I said to my friend, 'where she got that tiny waist world is unfair.' Found out he is a boy. No wonder that tiny waist and height HAHAHA.