Friday, December 9, 2011

W♥C Liz Lisa OneSpo

I'm still obsess with my taobao haul that I decided to come again with proper review HAHAHA yaleh Vujie you never unexcited with hauls. These days I've been sitting all day at home and never once went to town just because I'm working as babysitter now wtf. So I've got no opportunity to dress up prettily and go sightseeing (or maybe shopping wtf). But still I need to blog this. Then I put make up on and start doing my own photoshoot in my own room HAHAHA.

WC Post Office top. This is my most favorite. My bf's favorite too. It is simple but attractive. That's why this one is already sold out in their official web (got this info from minimaos). But can't be sold out in taobao HAHAHA.

Closer look.

WC Apple Dress. It's in free size so a little bit big for me but still love it. Haven't alter it yet.

WC I'm Poor but Good Looking top. I'm short so I can wear this as a dress too wtf.

I love this WC I love Japan top too. It suppose to be short but I just happened to have this weird short upper body wtf so I think it fits me well.

WC I love Japan tee. Bought red for me and blue for my bf. For this one, I don't really like the material because I think it can be ruined once I throw it into the washing machine. Need to handwash I guess. Usually I'm very picky when it comes to buy t-shirt. I don't like buying tee that tends to loose easily. But if it's very very very cheap like RM5 and have nice print on it I'd buy without thinking HAHAHA. And this one too. Bought it for 8.00 yuan wtf very cheap!

WC WCman tee. Now I can become WC hero!

Is this one of Onespo? I'm not sure. They state it is but I don't know. I'm not very familiar with Onespo. Bought it just because I love it.

And because I love it, I bought two different colors HAHAHA. The model in the picture wore it and make it looks cute so I think I can be cute like that too wtf *daydream.

Liz Lisa lace sleeveless. I think it doesn't goes well with my bodyshape if I wear it just like that. Need to mix and match it with outer. But still, I love the tie. It is removable.

Liz Lisa singlet with ribbons. This one is really nice to wear with off-shoulder top.

Super cute actually.

So that's all for the haul. And I'm actually thinking about making next order since I'm addicted to taobao already. Everyday open taobao to check new items and discounts wtf.

Just a vain picture. I purposely put the lower lashes too far from the original ones to make my eyes more dramatic. Once I transferred all the pictures then I realised it actually looks weird wtf.

Then something came to my mind,

Tadaaa~~~ In front of WC building. Look to the E on my top HAHAHA photoshop failed! Forgot to edit that one. And my head too HAHAHAHA.

Tried hard to make myself look like a WC staff. And my head still....................... HAHAHAHA.

Randomly picked original WC shop photos in Google.

Ok. That photoshop was fun. Bye!


  1. OMG I know what you mean! Taobao was so addicting haha!

    You look so cute and WC looks perfect for you!


  2. Nice hauls...those clothes are just so kawaii...and it all fits you soo perfectly..=)

  3. Emy;

    True right? I go to taobao everyday haha.
    Tq Emy XD

  4. Janet;

    Tq Janet. I feel like I fall into WC trap already haha.

  5. Your so adorable!! HI-5* to us W♥C lovers!!


  6. Cinn & Rinnnaa;

    yeayyy hi-5 !! XD