Saturday, October 9, 2010

half senior blogger acts newbie

Hi there! HAHA wth what is half senior blogger i mentioned up there?! Yeah right I am 2 years old blogger but now act like I'm a newborn blogger. Start this new blog with new aim in life. HAHA no la what is new aim in life when my life has no improvement? Waste my life fml T___T. I just wanted to start writing in a new blog. My old blog is just boring. If I happen to be celebrity blogger two years ago then I won't say my old blog is boring HAHAHA.

If you are one of my old blog readers then congratulations to you. Mind you, there is no prize for finding me here HAHAHA.

Before you complain me a silly blogger who talk rubbish in English, move your eyes to the left and read my confession there. I learnt english since 2 years old (i made this up) when my mum taught me what to answer if people ask me, "What is your name?" but my english has never been better until now. I'm still suck on it but never questioned it HAHAHA.

This blog is the simplest blog I ever had (at least till this post). No shoutmix. No friends' links. No followers. No nuffnang. No no no no and no. I will add them up when necessary. At least when there is somebody who read this blog other than me HAHAHA.

Enough for now. Bye!

1 comment:

  1. ok. da baca dari awal sampai habis. apsal xtau kakvujie da delete yang lama2? hahaha. ok. whtever pun, gudluck in ur journey of ur new life!