Sunday, October 24, 2010

driving is tiring

When I was just a little girl (if you know the que sera sera song then continue with your song first lol), I wished my legs grow longer as soon as possible so I can drive a car like my mum always do. I had a feeling that a girl (or woman) who drives a car is cool.

Now here I am. My legs longer than 18 years ago. In fact, they are still short! And I can drive. But that doesn't makes me cool wtf. Neither hot T_T. And, I realised now drive a car is no fun like the first time I got my driving license HAHA. It is tiring. Moreover if you have to drive without your willingness and by that time you are already super tired. Ok that doesn't include driving to go shopping HAHA.

So I went to drive my friend to sit for an exam. Waited her for an hour is i-don't-know-what-to-say. But nevermind. She is my friend and she did many things to me, so okay.

Make up for the day.

Oh wait. I can't leave without taking those green grass at the back. It makes my photo more green-ish wtf. And I felt fresh HAHA. My shirt written A FINE DAY AFTER RAIN. Seriously, in was heavy rain the night before.

This photo uploaded in medium size on purpose. Just to cover up my unprofessional skill attaching false lashes on me.

My cute short fur boots.

Again, medium size on purpose HAHAHA.

I wish some people can understand when to ask me to drive them and when not to. I am not your loyal driver because I can be tired too.

Tomorrow I am going to undergo medical check up. Wish me luck! Wish me no weird disease will come up wtf.


  1. omaigosh omaigoshhh....u look sooo cute..aku puji ikhlas ni jie..bukan mau tutorial...kekekeke...

  2. tell me farin, tell me honestly pleaseeee.... apakah maksudmu memuji ni? HAHAHAHA. jangan pura2 kan aku suda ajar ko bagaimana untuk memperbaiki segala kelemahan di dalam gambar... LIQUIFY!!! hahaha

  3. hahahahaha...itu lah maha guru..aku betul2 ni ikhlas...jgn kan kelemahan..kecacat celaan pun dapat di atasi...hahaha...xpayah plastic surgery...haha