Tuesday, October 19, 2010

friends are not friends till their true color revealed

I was actually tried to find my most fierce photo but I didn't found any. Lots of my pictures are in showing-yellow-teeth-photos category fml. Last night I was emo and today I am angry. When will I meet tranquility wtf.

First, I am angry because he seemed to question about my relationship with God. Are you good enough to talk about that? Fine, you are better than me but that doesn't give you permission to humiliate me in front of our dearest colleagues!

Second, I am angry when your eyes keep looking at me like I am the most disgusting person in the earth just because my appearance didn't reflect our work field. I wear skirt, short, sleeveless, tights. As long as I remember I've never wore them to work! So, what's your problem? If you want me to wear kain sarong all the time, do I have to obey your order? I am not your wife! Mind you, we are just colleague!

Third, I am angry when I already tried my best to keep our relationship (colleague) as smooth as it is but when you did this then I think you are ruining it. Can you just be neutral as I am so then we won't have any problems later? I don't want to be racist but when you act like this, I guess what people always say about you and your race is right. Before this I have a few friends like you but they are not worst like you. You are the worst!

But when I think it back, why should I get angry? The person who talk rubbish is nothing to me. Plus, it's not like the first time people talk thing like this to me.

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