Thursday, October 21, 2010

how can i be rich if my attitude continuosly like this

A girl is always a girl. And I am the one of that typical girl wtf. It's an advantage for a girl who earn money for herself. Just like me *wtf again*. The distinguish is how much we earn. I am the type of earn-money-monthly-but-never-enough HAHAHA because I shop too much.

Just like today. I am thinking of buying another blythe but haven't found any liking yet. Simply Vanilla and Simply Chocolate didn't get enough votes from me so I don't want to decide yet which of them will be mine. Or maybe, I won't buy any of them HAHAHA. I wish I had more money and I will go for Blythe Midnight Spell without thinking.

Then, I have this feeling of buying new handbag. Not too small and easy to carry is preferable. I won't go for any LV imitate anymore because even the makcik-makcik buy fish at the wetmarket also wear LV HAHAHA. To maintain my extraordinary feeling wtf, I think I'll go for Juicy Couture or maybe Burberry (imitate of course I am poor you know). Since I don't see any makcik-makcik bring them to wetmarket yet lol.

Next is getting boot. Last time I found this cute boot and reasonable price. The problem is I am the type of not buying on the spot if that thing is not really important. I will go back home first and if I dream of that thing I want to buy for at least 5 nights then I will buy them wtf. HAHAHA stingy me.

My car will not be forgotten. I want to transform it to VIP type. Since it will cost me thousand bucks so I put it in top 20 wishes of 2010.

Enough for now. If not you will be reading my shopping list for at least 10 pages of entry HAHAHA.

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