Sunday, October 17, 2010

pink contact lens

A friend once told me I'm weird just because I buy chinese magazines but I can't read them HAHAHA. Yes, I am that type of person. I spent money on chinese magazines just to get through all the pictures. I bought ViVi magazine just to know the secret of super gorgeous makeup technique. I bought Popteen magazine just to check out what trends of fashion out there.

And I noticed, none of the models didn't put contact lens on their eyes!

I was actually contact lens fan. I used to wear contact lens everyday when I went to class. When I started my work life, I am not committed already to make my eyes big and change the color everyday. My reason is I am afraid I will become the centre of attraction here where I live HAHAHA. No laaa actually I just don't want to expose myself too much because it will probably bring troubles to me. I prefer look like other people wearing boring t-shirt and boring hair and boring attitude T__T

But then, I can still get in with the fashion trend whenever I'm out from this place HAHAHA so I think I need contact lens again. Kinda miss my old life where I can wear every piece I want everyday T__T

So I went around the net and found this blogshop. Her price is affordable with instock lens. I hate pre-order because I am not patient enough to wait. And of course I bought 16mm PINK LENS!

Can you see the difference? I'm wearing 16mm lens there and I don't think I'll go for 17mm.

Me without contact lens. Incomplete look.

This pic makes me look like I'm naked there wtf.

But still, I am not brave enough to wear them to work T__T Most of the people here can't accept extraordinary people like me wtf.

Thank you 16mm lens! Now I can achieve my dolly look and make sure every person will look at me more than 2 times HAHAHA.

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