Saturday, October 16, 2010

lonely vujie

i swear i am too exhausted these days. Why holidays seem like too far away? And why I feel so lonely?

When talking about friends, due to my work and where I'm staying now, my circle of friends now are much older than me. Most of them married already. Even I am the youngest among us, if it comes to shopping issues, then we are in the same boat. HAHAHA I think I can't even list 10 names of my girlfriends who didn't love shop till drop like I do. But then if it comes to other issues, I don't think I can get myself to their level yet. I want to go to jungle trekking, what can you expect from friends who have babies to entertain? There goes lonely Vujie T___T.

The one and only hope is my boyfriend. Asking him to entertain me all the time HAHAHA. If your boyfriend is willing to feed your needs all the time, not my boyfriend. Pity me again. Since we are in our long distance relationship so I guess we should stick to our phone 24/7, no? Reality check, we only spent our time together at night around 9 pm to 11 pm. Other than that, me is lonely thank you for making me look terrible like this T___T.

Ok now. The solution is get fun for myself or making fun of myself fml. If only I know my life will be this horrible, then I'll make sure I get a job with the circus team.

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