Monday, October 11, 2010

beast wants to be beauty

This time you'll hear me talk about photoshop. HAHAHA what the rubbish I'm saying I don't even pro in photoshop. I'm just a girl who want to look gorgeous all the time even when I'm in the toilet but too bad God doesn't allow me. He prefer me being messy HAHA.

Thank you for my leisure time today that I can spend my time in front of my laptop playing games till boredom strike then editing my own photo to make sure I have something to post in my blog HAHA. Usually I don't photoshop my photo too much because I will go through zillion photos of me and look for the best among them. Then I just adjust the brightness and tadaaaa upload it and claim it as my fine photo of the day HAHAHA.

But this time I chose one of my ugly photos and try my best edit it and make it gorgeous. Or at least better than ugly HAHAHA.

I call this wrong angle, wrong makeup, wrong hairdo, everything wrong. Stupid oil on my face! And what the hell uneven skin tone??!!

Ok this is not photoshop tutorial so I won't provide you step by step how ugly photo transforms.

The key is liquify! HAHA. That's why my forehead not super wide here. My nose also. Adjust the brightness to tell the world picture taken when the weather was super great HAHAHA.

Not satisfied of my photoshop skills, so I begged meitu (software that can make your face gorgeous without much skills) for her helps. So, here's the result.

From now on, don't believe everything you see in this blog. If I look cute than ever, then that must be photoshop HAHAHA.

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