Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dolly Wink

I clearly remember how stingy I was when I found out Dolly Wink lashes are sooooo expensive. At least, expensive for poor people like me T__T. I better buy cheap lashes that similar to Dolly Wink HAHAHA.

But, I also can't deny the fact that I can be easily influenced by other people. I read many reviews about how good Dolly Wink is and its quality worth the price. So, I decided to give a try. I went to million blogshops that offer reasonable price HAHAHA wtf already decide but still want to find cheaper price. I can't read any languages other than Malay and English. So every japan or taiwan blogshop is pointless. Even google translate can't help my stupidity HAHAHA.

Since Miri don't have SaSa (or maybe got but I don't know where), so I assumed that no Dolly Wink at all there HAHAHA. No larr.. Actually I hate it when I stepped into any shops in Miri then they give my weird look, like I don't have money to buy anything. Ok la fine, I can't deny that I always being messy there not fashionable at all. What's the point of dolly-ing yourself when you hang out with older people, in the end you realize you end up at babies corner with them fml HAHAHAHA.

So when I'm back in KK, I rushed to SaSa for the sake of Dolly Wink. Too bad always out of stock.

This was the only one I can found in SaSa. So I bought it to give a try. From the first time I tried it, I fell in love and wanted to live happily together forever wtf HAHAHA. Seriously, all girls must try Dolly Wink!! It is easier to apply and it looks so natural. So you won't have the looks like you have a broom on your lashes. Plus, you can get the dolly looks you ever wanted in your life!

Then this blogger told me where to buy Dolly Wink lashes in KK instead of SaSa. I was so excited that I can't wait any longer to bring them back home. I don't even care I had to find car park for more than half an hour at Wisma Merdeka I don't know why lot of reserved parking there T_T. I became very patient on that day for the sake of Dolly Wink. I'm so proud of myself wtf HAHAHAHA.

So I went to the shop and stared at Dolly Wink about 5 to 8 minutes to choose which lashes I want to buy HAHA. If I'm rich of course I'll buy them all. Since Christmas will come soon, so this shop gives 10% discount on Dolly Wink lashes and I felt so lucky to buy them cheaper than ever wtf. I bought Dolly Wink no.1 and no.2 because I still not confident to use bottom lashes HAHAHA. Yeah right I must give a try but later okay. Don't ask for pictures because I haven't open them yet just because I'm too 'sayang' them HAHAHA.

That's Dolly Wink no.4 on my lashes. Like natural right? Ehem please tell me my make up improved already HAHAHA. Ok stop looking at my background! All the junks behind made me proud on myself okay. Increase my motivation whenever it downs wtf HAHAHA.

Before I end this post, even it is freaking expensive, you must give it a try! This suggestion obviously goes to girls that love fake lashes like me. Or maybe you can put it in your 2011 wishlists HAHAHAHA.


  1. got myself a Dollywink too! yeay for wismaM! will blog about it soon enough... ^^v

  2. i love your make up! :) keep it up.

  3. nekochan; yesterday i bought DW no.1.. now upper lashes are complete no.1,2,3 and 4 HAHAHA.

    ayu; still not brave enough to try the extreme dolly make up HAHAHA