Friday, December 24, 2010

i swear i refused

I'll remark this December as hair-damaged-month just because I changed hair color two times and bleached in the same month. If only my hair have legs, I'm so sure they will run away because their owner never leave them alone without any color or straightening or curling or whatever wtf. But this time, I swear I refused 100% to change my darling milk tea color but I have to because schools are opening soon T___T. My job forbids colorful hair, only natural color and not too light.

Me saying goodbye to darling milk tea brown. Will see you again next December :(

The hairstylist must be annoyed because I asked many questions and kept repeating the same questions HAHAHA. "If I use this color will it be too dark?" "Oh I'm so 'sayang' my current color. So can you suggest which color are one or two shades darker but still light (HAHAHA what question is this)?"

At last I decided to pick dark brown.

Here's what it looks like now.

Dark again T__T ok I'll put this entry under emovujie label wtf. Why I look chubby in second and third pictures? I thought I lose weight why still look chubby? But seriously, my arms are getting skinny and skinnier. Oh maybe all fats moved to face now HAHAHA.

Dolly Wink againnnnn. Now I cannot tahan myself already HAHAHA. 10% of my salary this month I spent on Dolly Wink products T____T.

Outfit of the day. Went to Suria Sabah for the first time. HAHAHA so kesian I'm Sabahan but never stepped into Suria Sabah before just because I spent my days at Miri more than Sabah itself. Many shops haven't open yet. But nevermind, as long as Suria Sabah got Liquids and Liquids provides Dolly Wink products HAHAHAHA.

School breaks will be ended soon. Still not happy going back to Miri, actually never happy when going back there, cuz my car still in the workshop and back without car is like back without soul HAHAHA.


  1. baru sa mau gitau ko ada Dolly Wink pnya product di Suria,ko jumpa sdh pula kn..hehe..nice lah your hair.

  2. hahahaha bila aku tau ja sana pun ada Liquids trus aku laju2 pegi sana.. dan hasilnya duit habis begitu sahaja :p ... huhu mana ada nice.. sedih ni nda dapat pakai warna terang2 haha.