Thursday, December 9, 2010

Color transformation

My obsession for hair color started since I was in school but those days I was in boarding school and never had a chance of coloring my hair. If not then my teacher will volunteer to chase me around the school just because my hair is not black. My first experience of coloring my own hair (yalor so poor on that time can't afford to color hair in saloon) was I bought a small box of super cheap hair color. Can't remember what color. I have the gut to dye small amount of hair only because I don't want to be scolded by mum aunties uncles and bla bla bla. Dyed small amount of hair made me felt gorgeous already on that time wtf.

Then I tried various hair colors. Red shades, brown shades, already tried. But haven't tried pink or purple or green because I am not Lady Gaga HAHAHA (not funny? Nevermind, I am a fan of my own jokes). Recently, I used marshmallow brown.

But yeah, like all those negative comments I read on the net about Liese Bubble Hair Color, it can't stay for too looonnnggg. Faded a lot already.

So when my brother asked what color should he use but he don't want a very striking one, I quickly offered myself to buy hair color HAHAHA. His hair is virgin black so if use light color like Chiffon Beige also won't be major problem because the color won't be too obvious. The other one Milk Tea Brown is mine!! See, I am crazy about hair color fml. Now you know why I have dry and damage hair but never learnt.

I never had the guts to color my hair like this before just because I was in college and hair color is not allowed. To feed my need I just dyed them one or two tones lighter than my original hair color. This time, I bleached my hair too!! Oh can't believe I am so brave wtf. At first I want to highlight them blonde but the hairstylist said cannot if I dye blonde but didn't bleach first then the color didn't turn out well. She said, "Just bleach enough already. Pretty also." So ok la. I put my trust on you wtf.

This is my hair in daytime. My boyfriend also jealous and wanted hair color like me HAHAHA. Oh not forget to mention *ehem* I use my love Dolly Wink lashes for the first time and it makes me want to buy mooorreee!!!! Tsubasa Masuwaka, your lashes are really great! I don't care you underwent plastic surgery thousand times or not, you still my inspiration wtf.

I put that pink blablabla (forgot the name and too lazy to google now) to hold my fringe stay in place all the way from house to KK. I went to this shop to buy drinks and forgot to take it off. So stupid my boyfriend didn't tell me I still had it on my hair!! Yalor I know he loves to see me stupid like that HAHAHA. I won't go to that shop for 3 years from now on!! Please shoot me now I want to die.

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