Monday, December 27, 2010

some random thoughts

I was trying hard and harder downloading Gossip Girl Season 4 since two days ago unfortunately the web only provides episode 1 until 5. I do not know where to find other sources. Everytime I went looking for it in youtube, I'm not so lucky where most of them are just preview, or they'll give some random link says you can download full episode from it but before that you must answer stupid IQ questionnaires and to get your IQ marks you must submit your phone number first but still you CANNOT download the episode. Stupid.

So I make an effort to come out with entry entitled 'some random thoughts' and I hope you'll enjoy my random thoughts wtf HAHAHA.

I love when people taking my pictures. I bet this come from my genetic because I can see my little cousins are all camera lovers HAHAHA. They know how to give best pose and never worry about making cute faces just because they are already naturally cute. Every kiddos are cute right? But why the cute-ness fades when we grow older? This is not fair! I'm saying this because I'm getting older and nobody tells me I'm cute anymore. Not even my bf HAHAHA. I hate my life because I have nobody around me who loves to take my picture wtf.

All pictures of me are pictures that I took by myself T___T. Most of them are like this.

......and this

I hope 2011 will give me hope on this. I must befriend with people who have DSLR and loves taking human pictures. By human I mean ME! HAHAHAHA. Next year I must buy camera and its stand so I'll take million billion zillion pictures of me without help from others wtf. I'll go solo and bring my camera wherever I go *confident*!

I found this on some random blogshop. Probably (ok we can see clearly on the pic wtf). That kind of fashion will me my 2011 fashion *determined*. I am hairy person so any shorts can't help my fashion sense ohmy I tell you this so I'm quite sure my reputation will drop to zero right after you read my confession here HAHAHA.

And this also. Hello skinny jeans! We will be bestfriend for the entire 2011! Let's partyyyyy!

I really hope you enjoy my random thoughts wtf.

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