Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my bestfriend wedding

I was bored that day. I am dead without car. My car in the workshop and I am dead without you love fml. So bored until I read newspaper. HAHA read newspaper to catch world issues wtf.

So bored until I solved this word puzzle. No lah I didn't solved all of them. Only half because I got phone call in the middle of solving it so after call ended I went sleep. But still proud of myself can't believe I still have the interest of solving word puzzle fml.

So bored I even tried Xiaxue's tutorial on curling hair and slept with them. The next morning it only stays for half an hour then back to normal. Pheww my current hair seriously doesn't allow me having sweet curly hair.

The next day was my bestfriend's wedding day. HAHAHA so funny she has to rearranged her wedding and changed her wedding date just because the 'wali' wants to go travel on the day she suppose to get married. I almost didn't make it on time because of transportation. See I told you I am dead without my car T__T. I am leech now glued myself to anybody who has car if I want to go somewhere. That day, I forced my bf woke up earlier than ever and took me to the wedding.

The wedding had been held in mosque so must wear 'tudung'. My friend called me many times asking my location every 20 minutes. She said, "You must come! You are only my friend who attend my wedding today. If not rugi la you didn't see my wedding." HAHAHA so kesian. So I said, "you are the one who will rugi cuz didn't see me wearing 'tudung' for the sake of your wedding." HAHAHA.

She said I resemble my mum 99%. My bf said that too. Ok la fine I blame it on the 'tudung' cuz it is actually my mum's tudung HAHAHA I don't have any. Stop staring at my stomach!!! I look fat here T___T Don't believe what you see on the pic cuz I lost weight actually and I don't like it at all!

This is my most lovable part! Reached home changed clothes and straight to mall cuz my bf said he need new shirts. I happily glued myself again and chose the mall we should go as if I am the one who'll do the shopping HAHAHA. Pic above is actually to show off my new lens. My pink lens are killing my eyes I don't know what's wrong with it so I have to forget it and put all my love to other lens.

Don't you think he looks like girl? HAHAHAHA if he had fringe like me so you people will misunderstand that I am lesbian. Sometimes I can't tahan myself to put make up on him HAHAHA.

If you buy more than RM20 at Guardian you'll get sticker. Then collect all the stickers fulfill the card and tadaaa u can get soft toy for free HAHAHA I'm being childish I know. For the sake of getting sticker, I had to buy something and make sure the amount is more than RM20. That explains why I bought Strawberry Yogurt Mask. Tried it already. It smells like Fernleaf Calci-Yum Strawberry Yogurt. Next time if I put it again on my face you can lick my face cuz its yummy HAHAHAHA.


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