Friday, December 17, 2010

Gorgeous-i 16mm Lens

Before my laziness comes, I better blog about something. Something like.... erm.... okay... whatever-thing-lar-just-update! I know I promise to update about car accessories and shirts and whatever that I bought recently, but the mood and excitement flew away since my car got into accident. I don't want to look at stuff that reminds me to my lovely car wtf so emo when talking about car.

So okay. I've been unhappy for about a week and still unhappy now, so I went to blogshop hunted everything that catch my eyes and bought them. HAHA no lar don't you remember how poor I am. Obviously can't shopping lar. Only window shopping. Mind you, I got a very long bookmark pages now about what-I-need-to-buy-when-payday-comes.

Remember my bestfriend I mentioned in previous entry? She happened to ask my lens and wanted to try the special feeling *wtf* of wearing lens and make eyes bigger. So she asked for my help to buy contact lens for her. Well, your Vujie never changed. Not only bought for her, I bought lens for me too. More than her orders btw! HAHAHA.

The service is very superb! The next day after I made payment, she sent my items. How fast! The only reason why I received them late because it was weekend and postmen were spending time with family.

Four pairs of lenses in the picture. Actually I bought five pairs altogether. The day my pink lens killed my eyes, I opened one most favourite pair and changed lens. All of them are 16mm in diameter. Once you ditch 14mm, trust me you won't back to 14mm! 16mm is enough to make your eyes look like a doll. If you still unsatisfied, you can try 17mm. But if you want to be natural, so 14mm is for you.

These pairs are mine. The seller actually sent wrong order. I ordered gorgeous-i shinny but she gave me gorgeous-i sunny (on the left). Its okay since its nice btw. On the right is gorgeous-i magic black. I'm gonna use that black to go to school. I want to be natural but bigger eyes to school. So my students will zip their mouth and did not give me questions like "why your eyes are green? Why your eyes keep changing color?"

My friend asked for my suggestion what color should she buy. I told her "If you are brave enough like me, buy green or blue! If not, pick natural colors." And she said, "I am not brave. Buy brown and grey for me." HAHAHAHA wtf is I am brave. I don't even have the guts to wear blue. I don't think blue suits my skin color. I've tried green but also I don't like.

Can you see my brown lens? The color blends well with my original eye color since it doesn't have too much difference. But I kinda love it.

Ok much closer this one. Don't you think it looks nice? So I look like not so fake.

I went home and decided to give a look on my old lenses. Found out they already hard like a rock because I neglect them for like 11 months HAHAHA. That honey color lens was my first lens ever. I've started wearing lens like early 2009 I think. On my college days, I changed eyes color almost everyday. Even if I had PE class, I wore black lens with zero degree HAHAHA. Now can you see how much I love contact lens?

Since I've been posted to plantation area to educate students there wtf, I lost my interest wearing lens just because I think nobody will pay attention on me there HAHAHA. If I walk naked around that plantation then maybe people will notice me HAHA.

Ok. If you feel interested on getting lens for cheap price, bigger eyes and also superb service, contact this lady. Oh ya about the wrong order I mentioned above, do not worry. It only happens once in a blue moon. This is not the first time I bought lens from her. Maybe she was too confuse because she got too many orders that day and if I'm not mistaken, her stocks were just arrived the day before so mistaken happened. So no worries deary. Go place your order now! Tell her I made review on her lens HAHAHAHA wtf.


  1. pya sayang ko pnya contact lense yg keras sdh tu..

  2. nda juga la carmel sebab mau sampai expiry date suda.. semua tu lens berusia lebih 1 tahun suda. hehe.. i still love that purple! should buy that color again.

  3. i found ur blog...ku serius sgt suka ur blog y ni...lagian,,fully english dapat la aku practice make perfect i english...

    psssttt...aku puji ikhlas tuuu...hahaha

  4. farin,, read my confession on the left. "MY ENGLISH IS NO GOOD" HAHAHA. Jadi jangan ambil nota di sini. Grammar bertebalikan ni HAHA.

  5. hahah..tidak apa..biar grammar tunggang tebalik janji boleh lah cakap english nnt wktu interview...hahaha

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