Tuesday, December 28, 2010

inspiration *photo spam*

As you all know, recently I bought Dolly Wink lashes. Fyi, upper lashes mission accomplished already. I now own lashes no.1 till no.4 HAHAHA wtf there are soooo expensive but still I cannot avoid from buying. Nevermindddd. Its not like I'm buying them every month (well I'm actually try to persuade myself why I let my money went away just like that).

I bought them for purpose that I want to achieve dolly eyes 100% achievement! No matter how long your natural lashes are still you can't achieve the dolly eyes that only fake lashes can give you. So here's photo spam for you! Who I think achieved dolly look 100% and I'm sooooo jealous!

All photos are stolen from google. So I can't give credit to exact web.

I've seen her many times in Popteen and I can see she is the sweetheart of Popteen now because her face is always on the cover.

Her eyes are really big! How can you do that? Ok I actually found the way she makes her eyes bigger but that still a secret. Wait till I try and will post picture soon :)

Nana Suzuki
This girl is really cute! I've found her without make up and still cute! Maybe she puts some spell on her face to be cute 24/7 HAHAHA. Suddenly I remember Tangled. When Rapunzel sings, her hair will glow. Maybe Nana Suzuki does that. She sings and her face turns cute to the max! HAHA.

I still haven't found out what's on her hand. Some tool to increase cute-ness maybe wtf.

Now we come to meet our super sweetheart!!!

Tsubasa Masuwaka
If you don't like her, you can close this tab wtf HAHAHA. Words can't describe how much I love her. More than I love my bf HAHAHA no larr I'm just kidding. But I adore her. Adore the way she dressed, the way she made her Dolly Wink line, the way she achieved everything in modelling when she is just 150 cm, and so on.

I found this somewhere on the net. Her hair caught my eyes in the first place.

She's so adorable.

I promise myself I'll wake up earlier than ever everyday to put gorgeous make up on my face before I go to school. Well okay, I usually forget about my promise HAHAHAHA.


  1. Vujie, it took me 2 hours everyday to get ready to work. putting on foundation, makeup, eyelashes etc... haha wasted 2hrs just to be gorgeous everyday!
    You can do it too girl!

  2. I love Kumikki! I want to wake up earlier everyday to do my makeup too! But I work at an office so it's probably best I don't do my makeup like this hehe

  3. lisa;
    it really bring confidence XD

  4. chococcuro;
    me too :D
    I don't do extra big eyes to work, or else my students will keep asking teacher why your eyes so big haha

  5. That Machine what Nana Suzuki was holding, is probably an "ultrasonic facial massager", I have one myself and it looks quite a lot like it :)
    The massager does increase cuteness, by making skin tighter, removing achne and sunspots ^__^

  6. Anonymous;

    Really? Gonna get one to increase cuteness! :p

  7. Whoah ~
    we had same hobbies .. Aha^^
    cen ke ai ouh , Nana suzuki .