Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First attempt to have dolly eyes

I am in the middle of watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and I don't feel like I'm focusing on it. Okay la it is because I am not a fan of Harry Potter actually. I'm watching it just because I'm watching it wtf. They are all grown up and that makes me less and less interesting to watch. Not cute anymore. The only adult who is cute is me HAHAHAHA ok fine you can faint now.

I don't remember maybe three or four days ago I've tried MaguChan's dolly eyes. Glad she did make up tutorial so now I can have dolly eyes like her HAHAHA. But I don't think I achieved her dolly eyes 100%. Nevermind. Like old saying, "practise makes perfect" HAHA.

Here was my first attempt. At first I was lazy to tried on my whole face that explains why the other half of my face was naked. Plus, I intend to see the difference between make up on and no make up on my face. God I am better with lens on!

First attempt was okay. Not too bad and not too good. Just fair.

Much closer. Ok my lower lashes was failed one HAHAHAHA. After snapping about millions pictures of half naked face, unsatisfied so I did full make up on face. And improved a little bit wtf.

Don't you think I improved my skills already? Hopefully Maguchan won't see this if not she'll faint cuz I can't achieve any of her tutorial smoothly not even the eyes' looonngg tail HAHAHA.

All I can say is I hate my bb camera quality. I still praise my previous sony ericsson camera quality T__T. Nevermind. Must put much effort saving money and buy good camera! I am sorry I have to neglect you for a while shopping mall and all T___T. Why am I so poor fml.

Ok enough. Back to Harry Potter!


  1. cantik ba darl... hehe... neko likes! ^^v

  2. hahaha lotsa failed pictures. yang kena upload ni yang paling ok suda. kalau upload yang failed tu, memang horrible rupa dia. hahaha.